A Rails App

“Poly-glot a cracker?”

Polyglot is an app conceived to facilitate language instructors and students in different parts of the world to connect and coordinate lessons.

Backstory time

Sinatra was a waiting game for Ruby. We were learning about what was under the hood until we got to the magic of Ruby. Turns out, Ruby was so magical, it was difficult to understand what was happening and where. A short article by Liz Denhup simplified the routes process. I will quote basically half her article but it is worth sharing. She states:

By default Rails uses a RESTful framework for handling…


As I gained Covid-15 during my pandemic-era sedentary life, I found moving around more and more challenging. Joints hurt, muscles ached, energy dropped. I was uncomfortable in my own body. I struggled to pick things up from the floor and play with my son. But the process of losing weight never starts off easy. It is first a mental war, battling the cravings each day and exercising a body that is heavy to move. Slowly, the weight started to come off and but of course it is difficult to trust that it is actually happening. Imposter syndrome hits…

Free-roaming cats are a wonderful part of the experience of living in Istanbul, Turkey

I am humbled and excited to have reached this far in Flatiron’s Software Engineering Program. This has been a completely new learning experience for me and one of the steepest learning curves. I am becoming comfortable with encountering the challenges of each lab and the process of research and problem solving each one requires. It really is a new way of thinking, not just a new language but a way to approach knowledge acquisition.

At the end of my Command Line Interface (CLI) project now, many of the concepts I was learning in the lessons have come together. Gems are…

My name is Nausheen Akhter and I am excited to be starting a career as a Software Engineer. My journey has been on a meandering path that began in high school. I was an arts and humanities student that could not find an inroad to computer programming classes. I went on to earn a BA in English literature in Barnard College and an MEd in Special Education 7–12 at Hunter College, CUNY.

Through my years of working in Education, I became increasingly convinced that the biggest indicator of success in education, after access, was intrinsic motivation. Students want to learn…

Nausheen Akhter

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